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Jesuit High School is committed to helping young men achieve their potential academically, athletically, socially and spiritually. In order to achieve this goal, Jesuit believes a disciplined and structured atmosphere is necessary. The purpose of discipline, then, is to maintain an environment where students can achieve their potential in an honest and caring manner. Our goal is that these students grow to become “men for others.”


Please note: Parking permits for Fall of 2016 are $25 and can be purchased in the Dean’s Office starting August 24th. A completed parking permit form with parent signature is required at time of purchase. Permits will be mandatory starting September 6th.


Jesuit’s Drug and Alcohol Policy

Any student who freely approaches a counselor, administrator, teacher, coach, or other staff member for help regarding a drug/alcohol problem (not influenced by prior knowledge of an offense) will be assisted in the spirit of counseling. The same will be true for students referred to any staff member by friends for intervention. These cases will not be considered as disciplinary matters and will be referred to a counselor.

Key Dean’s Office Disciplinary Actions

When a family enrolls their son at Jesuit, it is expected that they are committed to and supportive of our disciplinary philosophy. Only with the support and cooperation of both the student and his parent(s) can a young man fully benefit from a Jesuit education. The following is a summary of our disciplinary actions.

For more information on these topics, please view the Student-Parent Handbook. The Dean’s office section begins on page 19.


Procedural Detention is given for minor infractions including but not limited to dress code violations, tardies, unsigned reports, note infractions, unprepared for class or other infractions at the discretion of the Dean’s Office. For more serious offenses or an excessive accumulation of behavioral detentions, the Dean has the discretion to place a student on disciplinary probation.

Academic Detention A freshman student may be assigned to Academic Detention by his teacher on any (and every) day on which he does not produce the written or study work assigned for that day.  Teachers shall give the student an assignment that shall be collected at the conclusion of the day’s detention.

Unlike Disciplinary Detention, students must serve Academic Detention on the day that it is assigned. There are no exceptions to this rule. Excuses for missing detention (e.g., athletic or other co-curricular events, work, carpool, medical appointments) will not be accepted. Academic Detention will be held daily (Monday – Thursday) beginning approximately 20 minutes after the final bell rings and lasting for one hour. Failure to attend an assigned Academic Detention may result in three days of Disciplinary Detention.


Disciplinary probation is both a formal notification to parents that their son faces possible dismissal from Jesuit and a trial period for the student in which he must demonstrate a significant improvement in behavior. Disciplinary probation is for those students who have not shown improvement in conduct after warnings from the Dean or have been involved in a serious offense against school policy.


Suspension is a disciplinary action taken for serious misconduct. Suspension removes a student from the ordinary activity of the school day.

Rules of Conduct

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Conduct (p. 19-20) of the Student-Parent Handbook. 

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