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Standards Of Conduct

Jesuit High School expects high standards of conduct from its students, both in the classroom and on the athletic field. Jesuit Rugby players are required to adhere to the academic standards for athletic eligibility as required by the school. Players are also required to follow the code of behavior for on and off the field activities as defined by the Dean’s office.

In addition to the school’s standards, there are certain criteria which we will mention below that will help each player to promote our sport with his behavior.

Off the Field
  1. Cheering and support by spectators must be positive. Taunting and degrading the opponents is not acceptable. Intimidating chants are inappropriate.
  2. The cleaning of litter left after a game is necessary and all players should help with this.
  3. You are expected to refrain from passing comments about refereeing decisions and/ or coaching decisions and respond courteously to instruction by the Jesuit High School Staff.
On the Field

The following is expected by Jesuit Players:

  1. All to take pride in dress and presentation especially at the outset of the game.
  2. All players fulfilling practice obligations will have an opportunity to play in games.
  3. All members to play as a team giving support and encouragement to one another and acknowledging successes and achievements without showing off.
  4. The acceptance of rulings by the referees without demonstration or back chat. The respectful request for clarification of rulings from the referee by the captain only.
  5. The total absence of anger, temper, or deliberate intention to hurt or intimidate opponents.
  6. The playing of hard, clean rugby through the last minutes of the second half.
  7. Cheerful and gracious acceptance of victory and defeat.
  8. Players to shake hands with opposing team members at the end of the game.
  9. Players to form a tunnel through which the opposing team can walk off the field through.
  10. The team captain to thank and shake hands of the referee and opposing coaches immediately after the game.
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