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History of the PACE Gala & Auction
Providing A Christian Education (PACE)

The history of the PACE Gala & Auction is inextricably linked to the history of Jesuit High School.The generosity of the Sacramento community has enabled Jesuit to establish and maintain a strong tradition of presenting a high quality, entertaining event year after year. Over the past forty years, the Auction has been an important pillar of support for scholarship and the operations at Jesuit High School – Providing A Christian Education (PACE) to thousands of young men.

The PACE Gala & Auction was not the first fundraising auction in the area but its long tradition of success has earned it a reputation as the “granddaddy” of Sacramento Auctions.  In fact, many other non-profit organizations in town has borrowed an idea or two from the Jesuit annual auction through the years.

The first event raised just over $35,000 in much needed support for the then financially beleaguered school.  Since that first event the school has grown, buildings have been added, the student body has expanded and the PACE Gala & Auction has continued to be an important source of funds for the school.  In 2017, the PACE Gala & Auction raised over $600,000 with the support from a wide range of individuals and businesses, providing the dedication, continuity and inspiration for continued success.

Jesuit High School, in the tradition of its founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, daily celebrates the intellectual, psychological, physical, social, and spiritual growth of each Jesuit student. Jesuit is not merely a school – it is truly a family, a community built on the hard work and prayers of many supporters and volunteers who give so the Jesuit spirit can grow and be shared widely in the Sacramento area.

Jesuit is a very diverse boys’ school of over 1,000 young men. Jesuit students gather each day from more than five surrounding Sacramento area counties. The spoken home languages of Jesuit students include: English, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. Some students travel more than an hour one way to go to Jesuit. We have students living in affluent zip codes and we have students living in disadvantaged communities. Whatever their home address, students strive to form community within the walls of JHS and on the playing fields of our campus.

Walk the halls of Jesuit and discover that more than 20% of students attend Jesuit because of the tuition assistance raised in part by the PACE Gala & Auction. Jesuit is committed to a tradition of excellence in education, regardless of economic status. Because of the money made possible from the Auction, we have students who are at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, CAL, UCLA, USC, Notre Dame, Boston College, and numerous other large and small schools across the US.

Everyone needs a chance, a place to start, a place to dream. With your support of the PACE Gala & Auction, we can make those dreams come true.

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