Angst, a documentary film about anxiety


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Join Jesuit High School for a special screening of the documentary film AngstAngst de-stigmatizes anxiety by helping people understand what it is, what it feels like, how to manage it, and the importance of reaching out for help. Teenagers telling their own stories help viewers understand what a common condition it is, and that they are not alone, while expert perspectives break down what anxiety is, and provide tips and tricks to persevere through it. The film shows that anxiety is 100% treatable, giving hope to those who are struggling. 

This original documentary film has been featured in educational and corporate screenings all across the nation including at UC Berkeley, Stanford, the NFL, Microsoft, and various healthcare and hospital entities. Jesuit High School will have the expert perspectives from the film right here on campus to answer our questions and address concerns. 

Missed the screening on Nov 11? Parents/guardians have additional information about a limited livestream opportunity in their email.