Freshmen Overnight Retreat
August 24-25, 2019


The theme of the retreat is “Friendship is being able to be yourself,” and the motto of the weekend is that “My life is a gift from my family, my friends, and my God; upon this I shall build.”


The retreat is led by a group of 115 Seniors who have been trained as retreat leaders, and the Freshmen sleepover in the Jesuit gym.  This retreat occurs early in the school year because it is a significant opportunity for Freshmen to develop as a community of friends, to understand the traditions of Jesuit education, and to believe themselves to be a vital part of the Jesuit High School family.  Because the experience of the Freshmen Overnight Retreat is so important for new students, participation is mandatory for each Freshman.  Students are automatically signed up for the Retreat. Student Retreat Info/Checklist


There is a Parent Portion of the Retreat on Saturday morning, and we ask that parents R.S.V.P. to attend the Parent Portion of the Retreat. An email with all the details and link to the R.S.V.P. was sent in mid-July. By clicking the link below you will access the Campus Ministry information that was included in the email. There is important information included, so please read carefully, paying particular attention to the confidential portion which details a special project for parents and step-parents. Thank you for completing the form and project as soon as possible.  (The original deadline of August 2 has been extended, but we truly do need your “parent project” and RSVP right away.)  Thank you.

Important Details:

  • Freshman and Parent Registration from  8:45-9:15 a.m. Saturday, 8/24.
  • Retreat concludes with Mass at 10:00 a.m., Sunday, 8/25.  Families are welcome.  Final pick-up time (if you’re not able to attend Mass) is 11:15-11:30 a.m., Sunday, 8/25.
  • After hours emergency number:  Smart Guard Dispatch - 916-233-4700.
  • All  students are automatically registered for the retreat.  Parents, please RSVP for the Saturday morning parent program and/or lunch.
  • Freshman Student Packing List - 
    • Sleeping bag and pillow placed into a large plastic bag marked with your name

      A bed roll or air mattress to sleep on (optional)

      Toiletries, medication (to be given to Mrs. Barnes at check-in)

      Towel and swimsuit

      Refillable water bottle

      Change of clothes

      Student body card

Parent Program RSVP & Info