Mass of the Holy Spirit
Friday, August 23

Event Barry Gym

At the Mass of the Holy Spirit, we inaugurate the new school year asking for the Holy Spirit to enliven all that we do!

Jesuit High School exists to create leaders who are agents of change in our world.  At this Mass, we ask our Creator for the grace we need in order to do our best in all of our activities, so that our students can become men who have a positive impact in their families, friends, school, city, and world.

This tradition of celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit extends beyond our campus. Jesuit high schools and universities across our country and around the world celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit as their school year begins, committing themselves to the same goals, and asking God’s help to accomplish them.

During the Mass of the Holy Spirit, we remember the students and faculty at all 23 schools of the New Jesuits West Province, which our school is a part.  

This schoolwide Mass requires dress attire for the students. Parents and friends of Jesuit are welcome to join in the mass. Mass begins at 9:40 am, but we encourage you to arrive early.