The Freshman Year Christian Service requirement is minimal, but focused. It is coordinated with the student’s Theology 1 class, and involves a day of in-class preparation, a morning serving in the Sacramento community, and follow-up reflection and orientation to the Christian Service Program. Students are required to complete an additional three hours of service outside of school hours following the guidelines established and explained in their orientation. 


Christian Service Resources

Students can access all Christian Service resources in the Christian Service Google Classroom page. Resources available there include: 

  • Service Directory
  • One-time service events and instructions on how to sign up
  • Christian Service Agreement to be signed by all students and parents
  • Christian Service Program Goals and Policies
  • Service Site Proposal Form

Serving During the Summer

As part of our curriculum at Jesuit High School, students are required to engage in service each year. We encourage service to be incorporated into each student’s everyday life. Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (after project-specific approval from the Christian Service Office) can all work towards fulfilling their year-long service requirement during the summer preceding the year in question. Students should follow all guidelines explained during the orientations they received in April and May.