27th Annual Freshman Overnight Retrteat

General Information

“Brotherhood” is only one word, but it means so much to the Jesuit High School community.

Jesuit’s 27th Annual Freshmen Overnight Retreat took place the weekend of August 29th.  A new group of freshmen learned what it truly means to call Jesuit their home and connected with their new Marauder family.

“The retreat is the beginning of the brotherhood…it’s about friendship.  Jesuit’s faculty want guys to start developing new friendships.

The leaders of the event, including our Big Brother team of seniors and the Junior Ground Crew, worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our new Marauders felt known, cared for and gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Marauder.  The entire retreat staff was dedicated to introducing the gift of “brotherhood” to the Class os 2019 as they begin an epic journey here at Jesuit High School.

The team at Campus Ministry promises to immerse freshmen in an environment of love and acceptance where they will be able to make lasting connections with their class.  

“God loves you for who He created you to be. He doesn’t love you for someone that you’re not.” Mr. LeBoeuf said, reflecting on the culture of “openness” promoted during the event.

Mrs. Kelly Barnes, Director of Christian Service, shared that the retreat is taking place a couple of weeks earlier than it normally does, to better kick-start the year.

All the efforts of upperclassmen and faculty cannot guarantee a retreat’s success. Freshmen embraced the activities of the retreat and were excited to become a part of the Jesuit family.