AP Capstone For 2019-20

General Information

As we move quickly this month our Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students are already looking ahead to their 2019-2020 Jesuit school year by plotting their academic course. Rich in diversity, the class offerings fulfill our young men both intellectually and spiritually. However, we always strive for new classes to challenge and enrich, and thus we ask two questions:

What if there was a class for incoming Sophomores and Juniors where students could study something they are passionate about, something they determine instead of what is assigned to them, something they could study in depth like never before?

What if there was a class where students could learn how to do their absolute best work, both individually and with their peers, and then own the results as they present and publish their findings?

And now at Jesuit, we can answer that there is a way: with AP Capstone™, beginning in Fall 2019.

Learn more on the exciting new AP Capstone Diploma™ program in the Academics section at JesuitHighSchool.org, or have your son speak with his counselor so he may be among the first in our region to participate in this internationally recognized program offered by College Board®.