Class Of 2017 – Senior Exit Interviews

General Information


Jesuit High School encourages our students/families to report ALL of their awarded scholarships, whether you plan to use the awarded scholarship or not. This includes scholarships to all institutions, private scholarships, essay contests, etc. Please use the link below to access your Naviance account to enter the full amount of the award, and note if it is a multi-year award or a one-year annual amount. Dollar amounts are used only for internal reporting purposes. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wagner.

For inclusion in the Graduation Program, we must have the scholarship information reported by May 1, 2017.


Jesuit High School maintains an accurate portrayal of admissions for our students to a high number of academic institutions in Naviance. We are able to provide this information due to the input of our outgoing seniors. All of our current students have benefited from this information. As you must have noticed when researching colleges in Naviance, all information is completely confidential. You will not be identified with any of this reported information at any time.

We send the required final transcripts to universities based on the information reported in this survey. So please ensure that all information is accurate and complete.

Both surveys can be found on your Naviance Account at:

· Once in Naviance click on the “About Me” Tab

· On the “About Me” page look towards the top of the left hand side for links to both surveys. This is the same place where you found the Student Self Assessment, and Parent Brag Sheet Surveys.