Reminders for first classes August 19!

Jesuit Email

Good evening! All the orientations are finished, and tomorrow morning we begin classes for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m writing to you tonight just in case you want to know how best to support your son as he navigates to his first classes tomorrow morning. Everything I share here was shared with him at his orientation, but a little repetition and possible parental support can’t hurt!

Welcome to – or back to – Jesuit High School!


Colin O’Connor – Assistant Principal for Academics

Reminders for First Day of Classes

In order to be ready for the first day of school, students will need to:

  • Accept Google Classroom invitations: Students should log into Google Classroom and “Join” all classes that are waiting for them. If a class is missing, email the teacher from PowerSchool. Without joining the Google Classroom page, students will have no way to access their class meeting information.
  • Accept their new Zoom account invitation: Students received information and an invitation to create a JHS-authorized Zoom account on Friday, August 14. They need to follow ALL instructions (including how to properly log in using the “Sign In with Google” option) in order to be able to access their class meetings. The orientation meetings did not require these accounts, but classes will.
  • Join their Zoom classes from Google Classroom: Find the link for a class meeting on the “Classwork” page on Google Classroom. Click the link to launch Zoom and join the class.

If students follow these steps, they should be ready to go for their first day of classes.