Campus systems have been restored
Classes to resume Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Dear Jesuit Community,

Thanks to the hard work of our Buildings and Grounds staff, Technology Department staff, and partnership with SMUD and Collins Electrical, Jesuit faculty, staff, and students will return to campus for a regular school day tomorrow, October 26. 

We will follow the 4-Day Week Schedule for the remainder of this week:

  • Tuesday, October 26 (1-2-3-4-Community)
  • Wednesday, October 27 (Collaboration-5-6-7-1)
  • Thursday, October 28 (2-3-4-5-Community)
  • Friday, October 29 (Meeting-6-7)

Please note that Jesuit’s phone system has been offline since Sunday, as has the email server for school employees. Messages sent to us during the outage may take up to 24 hours to receive. 

As we shared early this morning, the historic rainfall affected issues with the power grid at Jesuit that left parts of campus without power from late Sunday until just moments ago. Necessary safety equipment—such as our phones and public address system—is only now coming back online.

This significant outage that impacted our ability to hold a regular day of classes on campus Monday has now been repaired.

Thanks in advance for your understanding as we insured all systems were operating for the safety of your student.  And, please be patient as we all make our way through our respective inboxes to respond to any messages you may have sent.