The Program


The Strength & Conditioning program is made up of the following:

  • Dynamic Warm-up – Warming up by dynamically increasing intramuscular temperature while actively stretching.  A series of athletic movements performed for 10 yards focuses on posture, balance, coordination and flexibility. 
  • Speed, Agility & Jumping – Acceleration and deceleration in multiple directions combined with balance and coordination is the key to running faster and jumping higher.
  • Power Lifting – Pushing and Pulling heavy loads slowly through a functional range of motion to maximize strength gains.
  • Weight Lifting – Pushing and pulling heavy loads quickly through a functional range of motion to maximize power gains.
  • Functional Training – Utilizing body weight exercises and drills using kettlebells, medicine balls, tractor tires and other implements to produce core driven, explosive athletic movement. 
  • High Intensity Conditioning –  A series of circuit training and interval routines in the weight room and in the stadium designed to maximize increases in work capacity.