The Historic Barry Gym…Home to All Marauders!

For over 50 years these wooden floors have held up our dreams and hopes during moments big and small, including

  • Incoming Freshman family interviews
  • Schoolwide liturgies
  • President’s Club dinners
  • Mother/Son and Father/Son masses
  • PACE Auctions
  • Baccalaureates and graduations
  • Booster Club’s crab feeds
  • Loyola Guild Mother/Son dances
  • Open houses
  • School assemblies
  • Award evenings
  • Homecomings
  • School plays, and so much more.

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Before the locker rooms

“In those early days, without a gym or ball fields, every game was a road trip. And without locker rooms, classroom doors were left open in self- defense. We changed into P.E. clothes in the physics lab. There weren’t any showers, so even on the hottest days we just put our clothes back on and went to the next class. Let’s just say it was pretty easy to tell who had already been to P.E. as the day wore on.” Steve Ruggiero ‘67

The roar of the crowds

“Every time I come back into the gym, I always think of my teammates, the exciting games we had, the roaring cheering sections, and all the alumni tournaments that have been held here throughout the years. It’s great to come back and revisit those times.” Jerry Reedy ’70

“I’ll never forget the rallies that we had in the gym each year. I was on the court floor as a cheerleader, but you could feel the whole building shake from the students in the bleachers. Everyone rising to their feet as we did the ‘Triple J’ was a wild scene.” David Tooley​ ’87

The connection with classmates

“I remember hanging out with my freshman class in the gym for our Frosh overnight retreat. That’s where we also met up with our Big Brothers and that’s where I met a lot of my best friends of today.” Tyler Neal​ ’21

The promise of more stories to come

“The Father Barry Gym is a special space. When I’m in the gym, I feel the nostalgia of great moments from the past as well as the promise of love, laughter, and dedication to come. It is the place where lasting memories and relationships have been born and where the Jesuit community comes together to connect.” Jon Rotz​ ’92

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