Flex, Lunch, Study Areas
Updated Indoor/outdoor spaces by class year


Student drop off after 7:15 am

After screening, students may use their designated tent space or flex area.


Harris Center & Welcome Center 

Students will no longer be required to report to grade-level Flex spaces. The attendance check-in procedures for Flex will remain the same in both spaces however students from all 4-grade levels are invited to choose between each of these spaces as they see fit.

  • Harris Center – Quiet, library-like study area
  • Welcome Center – Social lounge area (with socially distanced video gaming, ping pong tables, and desks for small group conversations)



  • In case of inclement weather, all students should report to the Barry Gym for their designated lunch period


  • Senior Outdoor Lunch Area - Senior Quad grass outside the Harris Center (Privilege only available to Class of 2021)
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors may choose to move freely between any of the 4 lunch tent areas on the lower field or SAC parking lot. See the graphic for the specific locations of the 4 lunch tent areas. All students are invited to continue using the outfield grass on the baseball field or the grass outside of the batting cages for socially distanced activities such as frisbee and spike ball.