Flex Periods/PE for All
Exercise and Workouts to Keep our Students Physically and Mentally Healthy
PE Classroom code and rehab appointments


While we are in distance learning, students do not need to check in via zoom during their flex period(s). Instead, we invite all students to take advantage of our “PE For All” programming during Flex Periods to get some exercise instead of continuing to be plugged into a device.

Join the PE Classroom page

The PE department will be providing a number of workouts each week via the PE For All Google Classroom page (class code: sqi4rmu). If students desire more engagement or need some help with the workouts, our PE teachers will be holding office hours during flex periods as well. A schedule for those optional office hours sessions will be posted on the PE For All Google Classroom page as well.  

When we are back on campus for in-person learning all students will be required to check into their class level flex location where attendance will be taken in PowerSchool just like all of their other classes.  

Rehab appointments available

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In addition, our athletic training staff will be meeting with any athlete that is currently rehabbing or in need of some medical guidance for any lingering injuries during students flex periods. Use the sign-up form to notify the athletic training staff of your rehabilitation needs. After the form is filled out, the athletic training staff will reach out to you via your Jesuit email to schedule the appointment. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of these resources during distance learning. This will allow our students to stay physically active while learning from home and allow our athletes to hit the ground running when practices resume.