Magis Service Award Recipients
2018-2019 School Year


The Christian Service Office at Jesuit High School recognizes and affirms the good work of the following students, each of whom completed more than 200% of all required service for his grade level. 

Magis is a Latin word meaning “more” or “greater.” In the world of Ignatian spirituality, the notion of the magis is connected to doing “the more” in response to experiences of God’s love in our lives. All students can pursue the magis simply through their minimum service requirement.

We recognize here those students who, through the external marker of completing more than twice what is required of them in service, have indicated a deep commitment to and love for their vulnerable neighbors in the Sacramento region and elsewhere. 

Class of 2020 (at least 48 hours of service):

  • Dean Babb
  • Aiden Baker
  • Johnny Castillon
  • Josh Chou
  • Ritvik Gadhok
  • Jared Givens
  • Eric Huitt
  • James Johannessen
  • Callahan Kincaid
  • Joshua Noll
  • Avi Shapiro
  • Cooper Shults
  • Benjamin Stimson
  • Mark Studer
  • Casey Tattersall
  • Jacob Weil

Class of 2021 (at least 40 hours of service):

  • Matthew Bettencourt
  • Evan Bird
  • Carlos Contreras
  • Lorenzo Cornejo
  • Ben Hewitt
  • Landon Marks
  • Aaron Meylink
  • Antonio Scanzano
  • Vance Sweatt

Class of 2022 (at least 12 hours of service):

  • John Anderson
  • Derek Babb
  • Hayden Carroll
  • Tommy Contreras
  • Kevin Cox
  • Jack G. Dyer
  • Tanner Glenn
  • Samuel Gosal
  • Jacob Inocencio
  • Renato La Fountain-Rivera
  • Alonso Lee
  • Michael Lee
  • Lincoln Marks
  • Jacob Maulino
  • Tyler Offerman
  • Sam Oliver
  • Michael Pemberton
  • Devin Pettit
  • Angelo Trajeco
  • Johnny Trolio