Overdue Detention
Learn the Dean's Office expectations of students and escalation of discipline for overdue detentions beginning Nov. 1


When a student receives a detention, aka “JUG”, from a faculty or staff member, it is entered and communicated to students via email. It is a student’s responsibility to check his Jesuit assigned email regularly and to come into the Dean’s Office to discuss the circumstances that led to his referral for JUG. Students will be held accountable for all information communicated in this manner and must follow the instructions given in each email communication. It is also the responsibility of the student to communicate the details of his JUG to his parent(s). Should a parent have questions about a particular JUG, parents are encouraged to reach out to the teacher that requested the JUG or to contact the Dean’s Office for more detailed information.

Once JUG has been assigned, students may serve that detention on the day assigned or on the next school day. Failure to attend detention on the day given or the very next school day will result in escalating discipline such as suspension from school. Excuses for missing detention (e.g., athletic or other co-curricular practices, work, medical appointment, carpool, etc.) will not be accepted though proactive communication with the Dean’s Office prior to his absence is encouraged if the student is not going to be in attendance

Starting Monday, November 1, students that have overdue detentions will be called down to the Dean’s Office and assigned an on-campus suspension for the number of hours of detention remaining.  For example, a student with two overdue detentions will serve two hours of an on-campus suspension.  Any class time missed, for this reason, will be considered an unexcused absence with all the normal consequences.