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Frequently Asked Questions


Academic Framework – Remote Learning  

Can our son learn remotely if he can’t come to school for some reason on his “gold” or “red” schedule?

Yes, if a student is not able to come to school for in-person learning on any day, he may learn from home. He will need to follow the same procedures he is now for joining class via Zoom.

Can my son continue remote learning rather than being tested weekly for the virus in order to go on campus?

Yes.  If a student does not want to take part in the weekly on-campus COVID screening, he will have the option to continue learning from home. He will need to follow the same procedures he is now for joining class via Zoom.  Please note that the weekly testing will be required for participation in any on campus activity including co-curricular activities such as athletics, robotics, drama, etc.

Would remote learning still be available for those who need to self-isolate?

Students who may need to self-isolate will always have the option to attend school remotely. Students can remain fully enrolled in all of their classes and keep up with classwork throughout the time they need to be at home, as long as they are well enough to do so.

How do we notify the school if we are not coming to campus for in-person learning? 

A form to solicit this information goes out on Friday, October 9 in the Return to School email. We will ask families to inform us if they do not intend to come to campus for the duration of the first semester.

Academic Framework – General Questions

What impact will having Wednesday off have on the progress of each class? Will this mean an accelerated pace? 

The Mid-Week Support Wednesdays (during a five day week) serves many purposes: office hours, collaboration meetings, opportunities for students to participate in co-curricular activities, or simply taking a break.  We also need to allow for teachers to collaborate and plan as they are now teaching in an entirely new hybrid model.  This schedule builds time for students to get caught up or spend additional time with the content in their classes through utilizing office hours.  It is meant to meet students where they are and capture the varied needs of students. Most classes will not be moving at an accelerated pace, though some AP level classes may be an exception. 

Academic Framework – Red/Gold Assignments & Scheduling

How do we know which group our sons are assigned to – Gold or Red?

All students were sent an email Monday evening 10/5 that contained information on their assignment in either the red or gold group. Parents will receive this same information via email on Friday, October 9. If you forget their color, you may contact the Main Office who can answer this question.

How will my son know which lunch he is assigned to?

The lunch periods are assigned geographically so that the West side of campus will have the A Lunch (Lunch, then class) while the East side of campus will have the B Lunch (class then lunch). Students will learn about this during their training session and we will direct them during the school day using the PA system.

Will both my sons be in the same group for the schedule?

Siblings were placed in the same color group.

Drop Off/Pick Up

How early can students be dropped off on campus and how late can they stay including if their sports conditioning starts after 5 pm? 

Students may be dropped off as early as 7:15am, Students may use their class-designated tent space at any time or their class-designated indoor gathering space when it opens.  These spaces will be identified for students at their orientation. Please see Flex, Lunch, Study Areas


Are there alternative accommodations for those unable to attend their assigned training day? Or is there a point person to discuss alternate arrangements?

Students are required to attend their designated grade level training if they plan to be on campus, FOR ANY REASON, the week of October 20. 

Families may also choose to attend the make-up training on the mornings of October 26 for the Red Group and October 29 for the Gold group. Again, students may not attend any on campus activities until they have completed a training.

Immunify Application

How do I download and set up my account?

For app download information please see the Weekly COVID Screening Process»

How accurate is the test?

The Sophia 2 has a positive accuracy rate of 96.7 percent.The Sophia 2 is a screening test; an individual with a positive test would be sent for a confirmatory PT-PCR test.

Is my information safe? 

The app does not store things like your insurance information. It only keeps your test and screening results for a short amount of time. It is third party verified and complies with the highest levels of security required for health information. All data is stored locally via Amazon AWS in Silicon Valley.

Does the app track my son’s movements off-campus? Is it acting as a contact tracing app?

The app does not track movement and is not a contact tracing app.  We will rely on the student/family to answer the symptom tracking and contact tracing questions honestly but the app does not track movement.  Jesuit will not receive any communication about specific students from Immunify.  The only communication with Jesuit from Immunify will be general, non-identifiable data about the general results (for example: 3% of those tested were positive).  The only other way Jesuit would be notified is if a student is confirmed to have COVID and Sacramento County (not Immunify) contacts us for contract tracing purposes.


Who is administering the screening?

The screening is administered by trained and certified medical assistants wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE).

What test is equipment is being using for the screening?

The Quidel Sophia 2; which detects virus proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 antigen. 

Is there more information on the test kit?

The Quidel company, which is located in San Diego, California has all of the test kit information available on their website: https://www.quidel.com

If I have the common flu will I get a positive result on my screening? What antibodies does this test for? General coronavirus or SARS Covid-2?

The Sophia 2 tests for SARS-CoV-2; it does not cross-react to seasonal coronaviruses (common flu).

Can we have testing done Sunday to avoid having to be there so early before class starts at 9:45 am?

Students have the option of completing their weekly screening at a number of local clinics or through their primary care physician if they are not able to complete the testing during the allotted times on campus.  Details on how to do this will be in the Immunify Appendix on the Safe Return Plan.

If a student wakes up with a mild headache or a scratchy throat - is it recommended that they stay home? Also, what if a sibling or parent in the same house is feeling sick (not necessarily COVID)?

Any student exhibiting symptoms – whether those symptoms are associated with a common cold, COVID-19, or the flu- while in class on campus will be directed to the on-campus health professional for evaluation and may be sent home. Therefore, if a student is experiencing symptoms prior to the start of school, the student should remain at home and learn from home until all symptoms subside. While erring on the side of caution is encouraged, if someone else in the home is exhibiting symptoms but the student is not, the student is not required to stay home.

Can families with two students arrive at the oldest student’s allotted COVID screening time?

Yes. Families with siblings can use the same arrival time for the weekly screening.  Covid screening does not begin until 7:30 am. We have staggered screening times by grade level to help reduce crowding, but these will not be strictly enforced. 

How is contact tracing conducted in the case of a positive test? 

If the student has a positive screening test, he will be sent for a confirmatory RT-PCR test. If that confirmatory RT-PCR test is also positive, the lab administering the RT-PCR test will inform the Sacramento County Department of Public Health (SCDPH) of a positive result; the student will be asked to isolate and contact tracing will be initiated and guided by the SCDPH. 

When is Sacramento County notified of a positive test result?

When an individual has a RT-PCR confirmed positive result, the lab is required to report this result to the Sacramento County Department of Public Health. Contact tracing is conducted by the SCDPH.  

How is the screening conducted and does it hurt? 

Students will be screened individually on scheduled testing days. The test is administered by trained medical assistants wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). The test consists of a soft swab placed in the lower portion of the nose (it is NOT the nasopharyngeal swab that is known for being uncomfortable). The test may only cause mild, temporary discomfort but is not painful.  Once the specimen is collected, the test results are available within 30 minutes. 

How does a student return to school if he tests positive during the screening? 

If the student has a positive screening result, he will be sent for a confirmatory RT-PCR test. If the student’s confirmatory test is positive, he may return to campus on his designated Red/Gold day 10 days after the date of his positive test. The student will also need a negative screening result prior to his return to school. 

Will the parent get an immediate alert if their son tested positive? Does the app have that capability?

The app does have the ability for parents to receive alerts about their son’s screening results.  We recommend that you use a parent email when you sign-up for Immunify and share the email and password with your son so that both the parents and the student have access.

If my son stays at home in distance learning, will he be required to be tested if he wants to come after school for sports or other extra curricular activities? 

Yes.  Students will need to be able to show the green immunify screen as their passport into any on-campus activity including athletics, drama, and other co-curricular activities.

How long do you anticipate having to continue this practice of weekly testing? 

Weekly screening will take place at least through the remainder of the 1st semester.

What is the plan should there be an outbreak? 

While we can not completely eliminate the possibility of an outbreak, our weekly COVID screening program is designed to identify asymptomatic carriers prior to arrival on campus which greatly reduces the possibility of a large outbreak. When a positive case is identified, we will follow the steps outlined in the Safe Return plan. These steps include working directly with local health officials at Sacramento County Public Health and contact tracing.  Families of students who have been in close contact with the COVID-19 positive individual will be contacted by the school and asked to self-monitor and follow public health guidelines, which may include a requirement to stay home from school for a short period of time. For more specific detail, please refer to the section entitled When There is a Positive Case of COVID-19 in the Community in the Safe Return Plan.