Senior Christian Service
Class of 2021


Dear Students, 

We hope this note finds you in good health—mentally, physically, emotionally. We realize that the experience of living during and through this pandemic has been a challenging one. We empathize with the particular disappointments and difficulties you are experiencing, and hope that you are finding ways to find joy and connection in the midst of the upheaval. 

Our mission as a school is to work alongside your families in forming competent young men into conscientious leaders in compassionate service to others for the greater glory of God. The Christian Service Program exists at the service of this mission. 

At the outset, we want to recognize that what is contained below is our best effort at outlining new ways of offering you an experience of Senior Christian Service based on the reality today. It’s possible that as the months ahead of us unfold, what we’ve described below will not meet the needs or be possible given the realities of the times.

We want to offer you the programs promised as part of your Jesuit High School experience, Senior Christian Service included. We also do not and will not expect you to do things that are not feasible or safe (e.g., engage in direct service if shelter-in-place orders are still in effect or agencies are not able to receive students in service). This is a fluid situation and we are working to meet you, our community partners, and our neighbors in this time of need. 

We recognize that many of you planned to complete service this summer, either through Immersion or Independent Study, and that given the pandemic and/or requirements of Senior Christian Service as they have been explained to you, these options are no longer available. We also recognize that many of you chose to complete service this coming summer to minimize your stressors and commitments in the fall while you were working on college applications. With those needs, the public health picture, and the current economic downturn in mind, we are modifying the requirements of and options for Senior Christian Service. These basic requirements and options are outlined in the chart below. 

Basic Requirements and Options

Previous Senior Christian Service 

  • 50 hours of direct service with one agency
  • Letter grade, factored into GPA
  • Completed during Summer (Immersion, Camp, Independent Study) or during Period 3 or 4 Course

Revised Senior Christian Service for Class of 2021

  • Goal of 30 hours of service focused on one issue, need, or injustice; can be direct service, when/if shelter-in-place is lifted, or indirect service.*
  • Grade not factored into GPA
  • Projects can span from March 14, 2020 (as long as student is observing all Shelter-in-Place directives) through the end of the Fall 2020 Semester.^

* Exception: Period 3 and Period 4 Senior Christian Service will continue their service schedule as planned. See additional information below about Period 3 and Period 4 Service.

^ Exception: Period 3 and Period 4 will still be offered in the 2nd Semester for interested students, and students whose proposals explicitly indicate a different timeframe. 

Generosity of Spirit

It is through service that you encounter more deeply needs and injustices that exist in the communities of which you are a part, reflect on these experiences in light of your faith traditions, engage in social analysis, and discern further action. As always, it is our hope that these experiences of service can help you more deeply discern your vocation, and grow in the characteristics of the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation. As the response to COVID-19 continues to unfold, and as we continue to learn more about what is required to keep communities, and especially the most vulnerable members of our communities, safe, we want to accompany you in your response to the needs of the world around us, and the many intersecting communities of which we are all members.

We recognize that responding to this ongoing situation will require flexibility and charitability on the part of all involved. As a school, we are committed to working with you with flexibility and creativity as you engage in this project–if come August for example, we find that further modification is required, we will do that. 

We ask from you for the same generosity of spirit and commitment to your own formation as Men for Others. While our program has parameters and requirements, Christian Service has never been about counting hours or checking boxes; those parameters and requirements exist to point you towards challenging and enriching encounters where your gifts can be put to good use, and also where you can be taught by the people you meet along the way–service is about discovering the kinship and mutuality at the center of the Gospels that Fr. Greg Boyle speaks so beautifully about in Tattoos on the Heart

Office Hours & Choice Deadline 

Ms. Brabec is hosting Office Hours for students on Monday, April 27 at 12 PM; Tuesday, April 28 at 2 PM; and Wednesday, April 29 at 2 PM (links will be posted to the Junior Christian Service Classroom), and as needed.

After 3 PM, April 29 Office Hours, students should make their selection for their new choice for completing Senior Christian Service. Selections must be submitted by Monday, May 11

New choice selection

We want to make sure all students have a chance to ask questions before making new selections, and that all students have equal opportunity to make selections. When you complete this form, provide as much information as you can, and simply reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty right now. 


Jesuit High School’s Christian Service Program

Option and Links

Period 3 or Period 4 Senior Christian Service

Period 3/4 Service option details

A one-semester course. Students serve off-campus at assigned placements on block days. On All Days, students meet on campus for class. No cost in addition to tuition. 60 placements available. Contact your counselor with questions about whether this course would work for your schedule. 

Modified Independent Study

Modified Independent Study option details

  • Option A: Summer Independent Study (i.e., all service completed during the summer, prior to the end of Summer School)
  • Option B: Period 8 (i.e., service spans from summer into the school year or service is taking place during a week-long service experience during summer)

Project goal: 30 hours of service (direct and indirect) in the service of one community or focused on one issue of injustice. 

Summer Independent Study: Course meetings via Zoom, and availability pending the lifting of shelter-in-place restrictions. Coursework completed independently. Summer School fee. 

Period 8: Bi-weekly lunchtime reflection meetings through the first semester. Coursework completed independently. No cost in addition to tuition.  

Student-Proposed Project

Student-Proposed Project details

Student considers Christian Service Program Goals and Jesuit High School Graduate Outcomes and proposes a project that helps him meet those objectives. Project must meet parameters outlined in the linked document. No cost in addition to tuition. 

Rescheduled Traditional Immersion

Rescheduled Traditional Immersion details

Additional information forthcoming pending details from host agencies. Participation and completion of coursework would fulfill service requirement. First offer will go to those currently scheduled for any immersion with the possibility of being rescheduled. Then all students will be welcomed to express interest on a first-come, first-served basis. Standard immersion costs. 

Virtual Immersion with Jesuit School in Haiti

More information will be provided if and when it is available. Participation and completion of coursework would fulfill service requirement.

After reviewing the materials linked above and attending Office Hours, please be in touch with any questions.