Senior College Appointment
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Each year, our counselors meet with seniors and their parents to cover the college application process and answer any questions your family may have. This allows everyone to be on the same page during this process while ensuring that the seniors have what they need in order to successfully complete their documents. As this is an important step in your son’s future, we highly encourage all families to schedule a senior college appointment. All appointments are made using a website called Calendly and we will hold the meetings in the afternoons and early evenings; please keep in mind your son’s schedule as well since he is required to attend. Due to time constraints, each family is allotted only one appointment. To make this appointment,  you must sign up for a specific day and time slot with your son’s counselor on Calendly. In order to maximize your time during this meeting, both the Student Brag Sheet and the Parent Brag Sheet must be complete in Naviance Student at the time of your scheduled appointment. 

Please click on your son’s counselor below and select an appointment with them. If you do not make an appointment by September 6, 2019, we will conduct the meeting alone with your senior during the school day. Every senior will have a senior college appointment with their counselor this fall. 

Mrs. Angela Harger

Mrs. Harger’s Caseload (Abdul – Boylan) and (Jeffers - Marsh) 

Mrs. Jennifer Nowag (Formerly Ms. Rasmussen)

Mrs. Nowag’s (Formerly Ms. Rasmussen) Caseload (Bradford - Fong) 

Mr. Christopher Seibert

Mr. Seibert’s Caseload (Martin – Ryan) 

Mrs. Amanda Smith

Mrs. Smith’s Caseload (Gadhok – Hurley) 

Ms. Kathy Van Liefde

Ms. Van Liefde’s Caseload (Saca – Zirbel)