Campus COVID Policy & Vaccine FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Virus Mitigation: proposed state mandate, masks, vaccine, quarantine, etc.


What are the current quarantine guidelines? Does it change if I’m vaccinated?

The updated CDPH and Sacramento County guidelines articulate different protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated people regarding quarantine. For example, unvaccinated students will likely need to quarantine following a positive exposure, while vaccinated students will not. Jesuit sincerely respects that families have the freedom to make this choice, and we feel it is important that we are honest and transparent regarding the implications of that choice as it pertains to a return to school. Jesuit High School Sacramento follows these guidelines as well as the local Sacramento County Department of Public Health school guidance

How does the Governor’s vaccine mandate affect my Jesuit student?

At this time there is no change to Jesuit High School Sacramento’s health and safety policies.

Although Governor Newsom made a public announcement on October 1, 2021, regarding a planned state-wide COVID vaccine mandate for all school-aged students, there has not been any official state health order enacted. Therefore there is not enough information to determine our next steps. Jesuit High School will keep all of our families informed once additional information is received.

Here is what we do know right now:

  • Governor Newsom made a verbal announcement on October 1, 2021 followed by an outline of his plan, but no written official or enforceable policy has been shared.
  • The Governor’s mandate is contingent on full FDA approval for Grades 7 – 12 and would add the COVID-19 vaccine to the roster of 10 other vaccinations that the state requires students to receive.
  • Enforcement is anticipated to take effect state-wide the school semester following FDA approval of COVID vaccines for all age groups. 
  • The Governor’s proposed mandate allows for Medical, Religious, and Personal exemptions.
  • Some local health jurisdictions are implementing vaccine requirements ahead of the state date based on local circumstances.
  • As of an Oct 7, 2021 memo, the Sacramento County Department of Health does not plan to enact any additional local regulations or accelerate the state’s mandate.

Please note that there currently are several other California legislative bills regarding COVID school policies and vaccines proposed to the California Legislature but none have been passed or enacted. 

Do students need to be vaccinated to attend class?

No, however, Jesuit is following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and CDPH recommendations which encourage vaccines for students. Currently, these do not have a vaccine requirement for students.

Do I need to show proof of vaccination?

No, however, we are encouraging those with vaccination to upload a copy of their card into Final Forms. Jesuit is not requiring students to show proof of a COVID 19 vaccination.

Do you want proof of vaccination if I have it?

Yes! For families that wish to share their child’s proof of the COVID vaccine, a portal has been set up in Final Forms so that the vaccine card can be scanned and uploaded. Having this information is extremely helpful during contact tracing as there are different quarantine guidelines for people who are either vaccinated or non-vaccinated. Submitting proof of the COVID vaccine is optional for families.

Where can I get vaccinated?

If you wish to learn more or find a COVID vaccine location near you, please visit

Should I still stay home if I’m symptomatic? Even if I’m vaccinated?

YES, STAY HOME WHEN SYMPTOMATIC. The school will continue its work to enculturate all members of our community to be attentive to symptoms and not attend school or work when symptomatic or when any member of their household has tested positive for COVID or is awaiting test results. We can expect that students and employees will miss school or work due to possible exposure, required isolation, and the presence of symptoms. We will support community members in following this important practice, and we will create systems that minimize the impact of missing school or work. The systems include using our digital platforms, office hours with teachers, and Zoom access to a class in certain situations. 

Do I have to take/log an online daily symptom self-check before coming to campus?

No. At this time, there will not be a required “daily symptom tracker,” but we ask that all take a moment to self-evaluate before leaving home each morning. As a reminder, please reference this printable graphic—download symptom self-check card

Do I need to wear a mask?

No. Effective March 7, 2022, masks will be recommended, not required on the Jesuit campus.  Read more in this message from our principal.

Is it just me, or do these policies keep changing?

Jesuit High School Sacramento carefully monitors the current community health conditions and follows all county and state guidelines. The state released partial California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines for schools in June, and schools are still awaiting more details and further clarification for some areas of activity. As we have come to experience, both the guidelines and the state of the pandemic in our area are subject to change.