On Campus Traffic/Flow
One-way pathways, designated areas for drop off

  • Common areas have been adjusted to deter mingling
  • Lunch and Flex period sites have been increased to allow small group use with proper social distancing

*These procedures and protocols are all prefaced that they will be executed when state and local health officials deem it safe to be on-campus. Please refer to the full Safe Return Plan for more information.

On campus

Walkways, hallways, staircases, and building entrances will be one-way when possible to aid with physical distancing. The campus will enforce one-way traffic patterns on the two primary walkways that run the length of campus.

A map showing the clockwise flow of foot traffic on main campus pathways.

Parking and Entrances

Student parking is available in LOT B—Chapel lot and the Soccer/Rugby field lot.

Student Drop-Offs will take place at the following locations:

  1. Harris Center Horseshoe (roadway along buildings 10 and 15)
  2. Chapel Driveway
  3. Field Side of American River Drive at Parking Lot E—students walk across field to access the Campus
  4. Injured or ADA: drop off at Harris Center Horseshoe.

There will be NO student drop-off on Jacob Lane.

A map marking the parking lots and student drop off areas.