To the Class of 2020
from Audrey and Gordy Ling


To the class of 2020,

As a parent of one your classmates, I want to say I am extremely proud of you all. The men you have all developed in to is beyond words. Although Sam was only part of Jesuit for three out of the four year journey the impact you all had on his life and watching the brotherhood bonds was something I think every parent hopes for their sons. As you move forward with your lives I hope you can look back at how far you all have come and the amazing things you have accomplished with clear 20/20 vision. You are the visionaries, the artists, the athletes, the men you were always meant to be. Be Proud! You have done your parents, classmate, kairos brothers and school proud!

Blessings to you all,
Audrey and Gordy Ling