Class of 2020
from A Sean Aguilar


These Covid -19 times are tough … no doubt about it. And it’s ok to feel & be discouraged, upset, bitter, sad, short changed, given the drive-thru treatment …You get the point.

But here’s the thing and there’s just no way around it.

You will always be the generation that will have the world’s gratitude, appreciation, understanding, support and encouragement because you’re our future and you are now more battle tested than most of us. So accept your fate, work thru the road block and then have more fun than humans are allowed to have.

As a life long friend started telling me in high school… “if they ask, tell’em FUN got in the WAY” .

Cheers Class of 2020!!

A Grateful Parent, Class of ’79 Alumni & a future recipient of your lifetime contributions to society.