COVID-19 Certification Completion
Jesuit Sacramento team now certified


Five members of the Jesuit Safe Return Task Force recently completed a COVID-19 Safety Manager certification program hosted by Education Admin Web Advisor.  This certification program has enabled our five Safety Managers to improve the strength of our school/ workplace safety protocols even further and learn detailed procedures that we will apply immediately to help prevent a coronavirus outbreak on our campus.  The 3-part certification program focused on topics such as:

The requirements regarding use of personal protective equipment such as face masks according to the CDC and/or OSHA

  • OSHA regulations 
  • New COVID-19 guidance and required policy changes
  • Written safety plan provisions
  • Social distancing protocols 
  • Identifying significant potential hazards during this pandemic
  • Types of testing that are available
  • Testing and temperature protocols to implement

The health and safety of every member of the Jesuit community is of paramount importance to us.  Our team of safety managers will help us to maintain appropriately high standards of safety across all areas of our campus life.