Digital PSAT Information for students and parents
Preparing for the test on October 11, 2023


On October 11, junior students will take the all-new Digital PSAT. This is the first-ever digital implementation of a standardized test at Jesuit, and it will also serve as a preview of what students can expect for the SAT beginning in Spring 2024. Because this is a significant change in the testing experience for students and in the administration of a standardized test for the school, it is important that students and families have ready access to information about expectations and procedures.

Mr. O’Connor and Mr. Zielke shared important information about the format of the exam, preparation for the exam, and expectations for the day of the test in a recorded webinar that was broadcast for students during a Collaboration. Parents/guardians of juniors are encouraged to review the recording or the slides that were used, and to confirm with their students that they have completed the required steps below.

Students need to complete the following:

  • Log into your College Board account (for students who have taken an AP or SAT exam or are enrolled in an AP course this year) OR create a new College Board account following the directions on the College Board website. Please do not create a second account if you already have one. 
  • Confirm that you have a test-approved device you can bring on October 11. Chromebooks are not supported. iPads may or may not be supported depending on model, OS, and peripherals like keyboard, so we suggest either bringing a different device if possible, or signing up to use a school computer.
  • If you will not be able to bring a test-approved device, please fill out this School Computer Use Request form so we can plan to provide a desktop PC for use during the exam on that day. Students who do not request to use a school computer prior to testing day may not be able to test on that day.
  • Download the College Board’s Bluebook app for your testing device. 

Questions can be directed to the Office of Academics.