Fall Distance Learning
Overview and comparison to Spring Emergency Digital Learning Days

Fall Distance Learning Overview
  • Synchronous Instruction: Students will have live Zoom classes according to our new eight-period bell schedule
  • Required Attendance: Students are required to be present, with the camera on and appropriate attire, for each session of the class
  • Homework/Assignments: Students can expect homework and assignments in each class, roughly 20-30 minutes per class meeting (slightly more for advanced courses)
  • Assessments and Grading: Students can expect a rigorous learning environment, with meaningful assessments and grades
  • Streamlined Approach: Students can expect all classes to use Google Classroom and Zoom as the primary means of interaction and communication
  • Dress Code Students are required to wear Jesuit logowear – polo, T-shirt or sweatshirt. Casual Dress, at minimum, or Standard Dress. See examples.
Comparing Spring ’20 to Fall ’20