Full-Time Music / Band Director, Teacher


Jesuit High School (JHS) is currently accepting applications for a full-time music educator to direct its Band program.

Jesuit High School is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic music educator to direct its Band program, including teaching an introductory Instrumental Music course, intermediate and advanced Concert Bands, Jazz Band and our Marauder Marching Band.

The ideal candidate for this position would be an experienced instrumentalist and conductor who enjoys working with high school aged students and their families. Applicants should have strong musicianship, confident leadership skills, the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and administrators in a team decision-making environment, excellent oral and written communication skills, and technical proficiency across all brass, woodwind and percussion instruments in standard Band literature.

Must be willing to follow all state and federal guidelines in a potential COVID-19 environment.


  • Bachelor’s degree in music or music education.
  • Ability to teach technique on all woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to beginning students.
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently run a rehearsal for large ensembles within the class periods allotted
  • Organizational skills to plan large events effectively and to schedule and arrange for performances, including logistics to and from marching competitions.
  • Budgeting and financial skills to monitor program expenditures, make decisions about purchasing, and reconcile invoices

If this seems like a good fit with your background and interest, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete the faculty position application along with any additional requirements listed within the application.


Jesuit High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Pre-employment background screening, drug screen, TB and DMV required.