Joshua Chou
from Aaron Chou


Hey Josh, I want to congratulate you for graduating Jesuit High School and getting into UCLA! You have the brains, (and the brawn), to fully be capable of going to college and succeeding. You are an extremely intelligent person who also has a great personality. You are generous, caring, funny, and an awesome brother. You will be able to achieve great things in college and there after. I want to thank you for being an amazing friend and more importantly my brother. I don’t think I could ask for a bigger brother who is as friendly and caring as you. Although we’ve gotten into a few scuffles, in the end we can set apart our differences and come back as brothers. I hope that you will do well in college and find your group of friends. I hope you continue to lift and get stronger by the day. Lastly, I hope you don’t forget about me and mom and dad. We will all miss you so much. (Who’s gonna drive me to McDonalds and Chikfila now?) Make sure to keep in touch when you go to college. I wish you the best!