Joshua Ray Wilcox
from Kevin Wilcox



The past four years have been a whirlwind of experiences. You have embraced the Brotherhood of Jesuit with enthusiasm, compassion, and genuine love for your fellow Men for Others. Words simply cannot express the level of pride and love I feel for you and have been so impressed with how you worked so very hard during your four years at JHS. I have known very few people who exhibit such a great sense of self and love for others as you do.

Through the past four years you and your brothers have encountered many setbacks, disappointments, and very real tragedies. Each time you came together, linked arms, loved each other and exhibited a profound calm and acceptance of the circumstances most of us parents could only hope to emulate. At the conclusion of your Jesuit experience you have embodied what Men for Others really means and most importantly, you live by those virtues and principles in your everyday life. I have no doubt you will achieve your goals moving forward and look forward to the front row seat I have to witness the wonderful man you will become. I love you, Dad.