Julian Reece Churchill
from Miranda Churchill


I can’t believe you are graduating. It feels like yesterday I was watching you grab your promotion certificate while walking on the Crocker blacktop. Now you are 18 and leaving me in a couple months. You have no idea how much I will miss you. From our late night boba trips to losing to you in ping pong I will miss having my big brother just two floors down below me. You deserve this so much and I am so incredibly proud of you and what you have become. I just know you will show those Washington kids what being a soccer player is all about. I am so excited to cheer you on in the stands while you absolutely demolish everyone on the field. To say you are my brother is an accomplishment for me. You inspire me so much to be the best version of myself. Your patience, caring, and humor are traits that I know everyone admires about you. Through my whole life you have always been there to make me laugh and raise my spirits and you truly have been my best friend through everything. I just know that you are going to do something incredible in the future and make us all even more proud than we already are. I love you so so much Juju and as much as I wish you could stay here in Sac I know that you are going to do great in Washington! Love, sis