Message to Jesuit’s Neighbors
August 27, 2019



As you are likely aware, Jesuit enacted its lockdown procedures for over an hour on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, after being informed of a possible threat to the school. We take all threats seriously and did not hesitate to enact the school’s emergency procedures. Jesuit was in contact with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department throughout the lockdown. We sent messages via phone to inform all families when the lockdown was enacted and when the lockdown was lifted. An attendance message was inadvertently sent during the process and we apologize for any confusion this caused.

I want to reiterate that at no time during the lockdown was there a physical threat on the Jesuit campus. Once the Sacramento County Sheriff confirmed that we could end the lockdown, all students were directed to report to their Period 1 class so that we could take accurate attendance and coordinate with any parents wanting to pick up their son(s). During this time, members of the Counseling Department, members of the Campus Ministry Staff, and members of the Administration visited classes to check on students and teachers. Students may continue to use the services of the Counseling Department who are always available to meet with students.

All after school activities continued as scheduled, including Back-to-School Night. 

We are grateful for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and their timely and professional response. We are grateful for our teachers for caring for our students. We are grateful for our students who were patient and cooperative throughout the day. We are grateful for our God who guides and protects us.