Microbiology and Public Health
Dissect a frog and learn the major systems of the body



Grades 6-8 Co-ed (In-Person)

June 27 – July 1, 2022

1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.



Ends with a frog dissection! By the end of the course, students will be able to identify major systems, organs, and explain many physiological functions as well as have had a ton of fun learning about the human body.

Microbiology and Public Health is a very unique multidisciplinary course that explores microbiology and applies it to the field of public health, an important subject during the current pandemic. First, students will gain an intricate understanding of cell biology and the evolution of the three domains of life on a cellular level. Students will have the opportunity to grow their own bacterial cultures on petri dishes and develop yeast cultures to further explore the function of different types of cells found on Earth. Then, the course will pivot as students apply their understanding of microbiology to various diseases, both communicable and noncommunicable. Using various public health models and epidemiological calculations, students will act as public health officials as they examine case studies, from the most recent Ebola epidemic to heart disease. Echelon Catapult instructors will then guide students through public health policy debates as they develop their own solutions to real-world problems, homeostasis, cellular variation and specialization. Then, students will gain a systemic understanding of the 10 major systems in the human body as well as how these systems interact with each other. Students will get to participate in hands-on labs and activities throughout the course including observing dissections. On the final day of the course, students will utilize the knowledge they learned throughout the week by dissecting their own frog.

This STEM Academy-Interactive experience is led by top-notch Jesuit High School and St. Francis students (with full adult supervision.)

Instructor: Charles Sander