Requirements for Distance Learning
Items and expectations for students


Student will need

  • Laptop/tablet/desktop for school work
  • Webcam/front-facing camera-enabled device with Zoom installed (if separate from main device)
  • Headphones (microphone suggested)
  • Use JHS student email to load Zoom and Google Classroom on your device (students can expect all classes to use these systems)
  • A way to scan/take photos of work for submission (e.g. smartphone)
  • Quiet, dedicated space for schoolwork preferably with a desk/table and chair
  • Appropriate dress (observe Friday casual day dress code or better)
  • All materials needed for class (books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.)


  • Know your schedule ā€“ use the new eight-period bell schedule. Distance Learning and on-campus schedules are the same
  • Be logged in and ready to start classes on time just as you would if on the campus. Attendance will be taken
  • Make sure notifications are enabled/turned on for Google Classroom
  • Be in Distance Learning dress code
  • Use your first and last name on Zoom so you are recognizable by teachers and peers 
  • Upload a headshot for your profile picture (like ID/school picture)
  • Turn off virtual backgrounds
  • Use the Zoom chat only for sharing information or answering questions related to the class. 
  • Use academic conventions (proper grammar, correct spelling, and complete sentences) in Zoom interaction and on submitted work. Avoid slang and abbreviations.
  • Utilize teacher office hours to clarify assignments, ask questions or get extra help