Rugby Registration Packet Instructions
2020 Season


Registration Steps

Welcome to Rugby!

For the 2020 season, players must carefully complete all steps below before they are cleared to participate. The first day of rugby season practices is Monday, January 6, 2020. Our Jesuit Athletic Department is assisted by several team parents throughout the season so you may receive communications and follow-up calls from them as well as Athletic Director Hank Weinberger and Athletic Administrative Assistant Robin Cummings.

  1. Please go through each step and complete your form packet.  Do not go to USA Rugby to register! Your team administrator must register you through NorCal Youth Rugby.
  2. Make all checks payable to “Jesuit High School”.
  3. Turn the completed packet (paperwork and checks) marked ATTN: Ms. Cummings to the Main Office.

Complete all items and return together

They will be returned to you if they are incomplete.

  1. FinalForms Online Athletic Registration must be completed and current participation physical form must be on file with the athletic department.  Click Here for details.  This step is required by all Jesuit athletes. The steps below are all required by USRugby in order to play and compete in rugby.
  2. Player Information Form—filled out online and printed.
  3. Rugby Gear Order Form—printed and filled out.
  4. CLEAR, COLOR copy of current Jesuit ID card on an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper. DO NOT ENLARGE THE PHOTO.  See Ms. Cummings for color copy, if you need assistance.  Please make sure your ID # is clear and visible.
  5. USA Rugby Waiver (either minor or adult).  Print, complete and remember all signatures.  ​
  6. USA Rugby Medical History Form
  7. RNC Player/Parent Concussion Waiver
  8. RNC Player media Release 
  9. HIPAA Consent to treat If Jesuit plays at an away game where Jesuit trainers cannot attend, this group will cover the game. All Jesuit players need to have this on file to play.
  10. Check payment to Jesuit High School for registration fee plus any additional gear items. (Total on the Order Form)

Coaches’ Gear Recommendations

  • First-year JV players: Besides what comes with dues you need a jersey. You can use football or soccer boots. Finally, don’t forget a mouthguard. Find out if you like rugby before you invest any further.
  • Returning players: Additional gear and supplies are at your discretion.
  • For shoulder pads and headgear go to or Extreme Soccer and Rugby 

Any questions?

Call the Athletic Department at 916-482-6060 x223 or Barbara Modlin at 916-267-7273 or