Screening Day Drop off Times
Important Details for Screening and Campus Arrival


In order to avoid overcrowding and back-ups, we are asking that families do their best to use the following times for drop-off and check-in for screening days. The check-in table is on the grassy area outside Alumni Hall near the football stadium skywalk. View your drop-off & check in location on Google Earth

Monday/Thursday Drop Off Time by Class

  • Freshman/Sophomore Drop-Off and Check-In: 7:20-7:50 am
  • Junior/Senior Drop-Off and Check-In: 8:20-8:50 am
  • Students with Period 1 Flex: 9:20-9:50 am

Our experience of the training week allowed us to streamline the screening process and the access to campus to be more efficient. By the final day of training, the average waiting time for a screening result averaged 20 minutes from registration to result. We also adjusted some details of the plan allowing it work in the event of inclement weather. 

We understand that some situations such as students with siblings, carpools, parent work schedules, etc. may prevent families from making it to campus during these windows. We understand and simply ask that you do the best you can. 

After Screening, Before Class 

After students are finished with their screening and are cleared to enter campus from a member of Jesuit Staff, they may go to their indoor or outdoor location to gather before classes begin. 

  • Freshman/Sophomore: Designated Outdoor Tent or Harris Center
  • Seniors and Juniors: Designated Outdoor Tent or Welcome Center