Senior Summer Reading
Class of 2021


All Seniors must read regardless of English placement:

Mohsin Hamid – Exit West ISBN 9780735212206

While you read, you may wish to take notes, annotate, or use other active reading strategies. There is no formal assignment due at the beginning of the year, but you will be given an in-class writing assignment during the first full week of classes. This assignment will ask you to call upon your understanding and thinking about what you read, and to make specific references to the text as necessary.

English 4AP

Brave New World ISBN 9780060850524.  Click HERE for the assignment

AP Government

Please choose from the following list: AP Government Summer Reading List

AP Government Summer Assignment

AP Economics

The Undercover Economist ISBN 9780345494016.  

AP Econ Summer Assignment

AP Psychology

Forty Studies that Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research  by Roger Hock Assignment 

AP Psychology Summer Assignment

AP Biology

Campbell Biology 10th Edition ISBN 9780321775658

Click here to access the assignment for AP Biology

French 3H, 4 and 4AP

Please refer to the Google Classroom page for students in the above French classes.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Leslie Willson at  The link to the correct book is here: