Special Interest Clubs


All Love Alliance 

Description: The All Love Alliance (ALA) will serve to promote an understanding and acceptance of each individual student at Jesuit High as a unique person created in the image of God, an acceptance which includes an open dialogue about being gay, bisexual, trans, or questioning at Jesuit. All students will benefit from membership in the ALA club. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reaffirms the Church’s call to treat members of the LGBTQIA+ community with respect, compassion, and sensitivity, which the ALA aims to advocate for at Jesuit.

Art of Being a Gentleman 

Description: We review the essential things that every aspiring young Gentleman should know.

Broadcast Club

Description: Audio and Video club that manages tech for school events

Business Investments Club

Description: Jesuit High School’s Business Investments Club promotes business and financial  awareness among students. Our activities evolve around improving business and financial knowledge through simulated stock investing.

Cards Club

Description: This club is all about having a laid back time playing any card games. You can bring your own cards and games or you can just show up and we will have cards ready.

Chess Club

Description: A club for chess enthusiasts. Get together and challenge each other to chess games. 


Crochet Club

Description: Crochet Club is for students who wish to learn how to crochet. Items crocheted and donated to the marginalized will count toward students’ Service & Justice requirement.


Description: In the club, students get to play the popular tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons. In the club, students get to play the role of a character they created and team up in stories known as a “Campaign” in order to reach a certain goal.

Entrepreneurs Club 

Description: Exploring Economic principles & Best Practices of Entrepreneurs

Fantasy Sports Club

Description: We play fantasy sports including football, baseball and basketball.

Fashion Club

Description: A relaxed club to share your thoughts on current fashion topics, designs, and ideas.  Including shoes, designers, fashion shows, and more.

Film Creation Club 

Description: Film creation club focuses on exploring and viewing\discussing film and analyzing the different aspects of filmmaking. In film creation club you will learn how to properly write and create your own projects.

Holy Rollers

Description: Members will bowl on Friday nights at the Country Club Lanes.  Ordinarily, we bowl 11-13 Fridays until the end of the season, but our season can only begin when the lanes open up. Bowling is $5.00 per member each Friday.

Jesuit Car Club

Description: Meets and talks about the most current car news or sometimes classic cars. The main point of the club is to share the interest of cars. When car shows begin again, and museums as well, we will go to them and learn about the history of cars and get to see the most current cars at the Sac Auto Show etc.

Jesuit Sportsmen’s Association

Description: Jesuit Sportsmen’s Association is a competitive trap shooting team representing Jesuit High School. We shoot sporting clays, and trap for CYSSA. All are welcome to join!

Justice Through Art

Description: JTA gathers students to watch and discuss movies, music, and art that focus on various social justice issues. Students interested in the intersection of art and social justice come join!

Longboarding Club

Description: A club to organize casual Skate and Longboarding meets where participants will be able to compete in downhill, tricks, or best time to distance. Activities would include large scale ride alongs or unofficial (for liability reasons) night rides. 

Marauder Band

Description: We’ll meet on Fridays for band bonding activities to build community between the members. 

Marauders Bike Club

Description: We ride bikes. Weekend bike trips and races coming soon. IG: @jesuitcycling

Music Production Club

Description: The music production club is a great place to learn how to make music no matter what skill level you are at. We will learn how to produce and create music of different genres.

Newspaper (Plank) Club 

Description: The Newspaper Club supports the school’s student-run Newspaper, The Plank, by creating content that will be published alongside the work created by our 5th period staff members. Club members write about topics of their choosing, learn how to write in Journalistic style, and collaborate on how The Plank covers the stories happening every day in our community

PreMed Club 

Description: Club for students interested in medical professions. Activities include guest speakers from different professions.

Ski and Snowboard Club

Description: Students part of the club will have numerous opportunities to travel with the club to the mountains in the winter to partake in skiing as well as snowboarding. Students will help create a sweatshirt design while learning about nature and the outdoors.

Skimboard Club

Description: Just dudes who enjoy skim-boarding for fun.  Activities include skimboarding at the river, learning tricks, and discussing skimboards.

Software Development Club

Description: Software Development Club offers members the opportunity to learn about and implement various coding functions and features. Members also compete in various coding competitions to test their knowledge and push themselves to the next level.

Super Smash Bros

Description: We’re just here to play Smash. After school ends, we’re having fun and hanging out while playing Smash.

The Art of Business/Life Skills

Description: It is a business/life skills club about what you need to do after graduating school and living on your own or with roommates. We will discuss how to pay taxes and how to start/join a business and from time to time we will have amazing guest speakers.

Theoretical Astrophysics Club 

Description: The Theoretical Astrophysics club seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Vinyl Record Appreciation Club 

Description: This club exists to welcome both newcomers and aficionados of music into an environment for music discussion. Each week, a selected member brings in a record of their choice and gives a brief summary of the artist and album. The goal of the club is to allow members to expand their taste and meet students with a similar enthusiasm for music.

Writing Club

Description: If you’re a writer looking to craft new stories, or a storyteller who has something on their mind, or just an ordinary person who enjoys putting pen to paper, come join the Writing Club! The club is meant to be a chill, laid-back environment for those at Jesuit who are interested in writing. Feel free to join; all are welcome!

Young Progressives Club 

Description: The Young Progressives Club serves to promote and protect progressive ideals on campus by helping our fellow students become more civically educated and socially aware.