Tips to Combat Anxiety during COVID-19

Tips to Combat Anxiety during COVID-19

Wellness would like to share a description of the unique anxiety we are facing as a community, as a nation, and as a world. This clear description of an invisible threat helps in understanding how we, too, can focus daily on actively calming our nervous system. In this video, Kati Morton, LMFT, states: “Being in a prolonged state of threat can cause us to make bad decisions, start fights, and further isolate or go into a state of freeze.”

So, how can we combat this? She shares 5 direct ways we can assist our bodies and minds.

  1. Continue to engage with people that are close to us and who feel safe.
  2. Take action where you can. (Ex. wear a mask, wash your hands, etc.)
  3. Limit the time you spend online or watching the news.
  4. If possible, refrain from making large decisions.
  5. Make time each day to let your body come down. (Ex. Prayer, Meditation, Progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga, Music, Dance, Actively telling yourself you are safe).