Weekly COVID Screening Process for Quarter 3
Access to in-person classes/activities now available all week


REMINDER: Students need a School ID for screening check-in.

As part of the on-campus health and safety virus mitigation protocol, Jesuit Sacramento has partnered with Urgent Care Now to provide COVID-19 antigen testing. 

Weekly COVID screening (antigen screening) will be mandated for everyone attending classes or activities on campus. Please report to your assigned area in the morning prior to your first class for testing.

The purpose of the screening is to detect live virus prior to students or employees entering campus so that we can minimize the potential of spread on campus. We know that any form of testing is not 100% accurate so we must still practice the other virus mitigation practices such as wearing masks, thoroughly washing our hands, and social distancing.

PowerSchool website

PowerSchool Login

  • You need to log in to the website (results do not show through on the PowerSchool app)
  • Can now be accessed on any device with internet access such as laptops or phones
  • You will be prompted daily to take a Daily Symptom Check. Please take this prior to coming to campus and do not come on campus if you or anyone in your house has symptoms or contact with someone with COVID-19.
  • Don’t think you have a device you can use? Let us know by contacting the JHS Technology Office as you would for any other computer/tech issue. They can help you assess if your device will work.

Color icons

Once you are logged in you will see a red, gold and/or gray icon next to your student’s name. Icons will expire after 7 days. A new red/gold icon will be issued with a clear screen result. NOTE – if there is no icon visible, this means that student’s testing is incomplete and they should not be on campus until testing is completed and/or they are cleared.

red covid iconRed icon for red cycle days (Monday-Wednesday)

gold covid iconGold icon for gold cycle days (Thursday - Saturday)

gray covid iconGray icon for PCR test (used for on-campus clearance during the initial return to campus only, a rapid antigen screen will also still be required)

The color corresponds with your clearance for that day of the week, depending on the activity. For example, classroom attendance must have a matching color for the week block. (Red icon for “red days” Monday, Tuesday / Gold icon for “gold days” Thursday, Friday)

Shows student name with red and gray icons

Screening test


  • Please arrive during your assigned class year drop-off time 
  • Students should have their ID on them at all times—their ID number will be needed at screening check-in
  • School mitigation protocols must be followed while on campus


  • Testing will be conducted by a health professional and will be collected (all health information will be kept secure and private).
  • A color icon will be uploaded to a student’s PowerSchool account when they are cleared (have a negative screen result). 
  • Each individual user will be prompted daily to complete the Daily Symptom Check through PowerSchool.
  • Students will be cleared to go on campus when they have the correct icon.


Testing coupled with the symptom tracker will place each individual into one of the following categories:

  • Cleared for screening during the second week of the quarter (PCR gray icon + clear daily symptom check)
  • Cleared for classroom and activities (matching icon for week cycle + clear daily symptom check)
  • Cleared for approved activities only* (non-matching icon for week cycle + clear daily symptom check)
  • Not cleared (no icon)

*Please check with your coach or moderator to see what clearance level your activity will require.

Please review the Safe Return Plan for more details on status scenarios.

Learn more

This program allows the school community to more safely reintegrate back to in-person learning when such a return is approved by the county. Nasal swab screening will be used to minimize the possibility of transmission of disease by identifying people who may be carriers of the COVID-19 virus prior to developing symptoms and preventing them from entering campus and spreading the virus. 

I’m not planning on attending in-person class all week, but am doing athletics, club, or other activities. What are my testing requirements?

Please talk to your moderator/coach directly to make sure you are meeting all clearance requirements.  

Outdoor Co-curricular Activities

Certain co-curricular activities that take place outside such as athletic conditioning will still only require one weekly screen. The moderators and coaches will communicate and enforce the screening requirements for their programs. 

Indoor Co-curricular ActivitiesCo-curriculars that meet indoors (Robotics, Mock Trial, Speech & Debate) will need their faculty moderator/coach to ensure that their students have the Monday and/or Thursday screening completed that corresponds to their on-campus practice day (a Monday screening for a M/T/W practice and a Thursday screening for a Th/Fr/Sat practice).

What test is Urgent Care Now using for the screening?

The Quidel Sophia 2; which detects virus proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 antigen. 

Is there more information on the test kit?

The Quidel company, which is located in San Diego, California has all of the test kit information available on their website: https://www.quidel.com

How accurate is the test?

The Sophia 2 has a positive accuracy rate of 96.7 percent.The Sophia 2 is a screening test; an individual with a positive test would be sent for a confirmatory PT-PCR test.

Who is administering the screening?

The screening is administered by trained and certified medical assistants wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE).

If I have the common flu will I get a positive result on my screening? What antibodies does this test for? General coronavirus or SARS Covid-2?

The Sophia 2 tests for SARS-CoV-2; it also tests for Influenza.