​What are the Christian Service Immersion experiences about?


Our service immersion program offers rising Seniors an opportunity to put their faith into action in a particular way. The service experiences are about responding to the Gospel call to serve those in need, while questioning the reasons behind why people are in need. While each immersion has its own unique focus, they all encourage participants to live in solidarity with people experiencing acute needs like hunger, homelessness, physical or developmental disability, isolation due to old age or illness, or dislocation due to migration. Experiencing community, simplicity, justice, and prayer as central to the service experience.

Each immersion has goals which are modeled on tenets of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps program:

1.  Engaging in direct service with the people of the community that welcomes us;

2.  Living simply, while in community with fellow students and people of the host community;

3.  Reflecting on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching issues pertinent to the community we are visiting;

4.  Reflecting through prayer at the end of each day as a means of noticing where and how God was acting throughout the day, and, further, how God invites us to respond.