What is TADS?
Jesuit's tuition management billing system


This is a reminder to all parents that TADS is our third-party tuition management and billing system. We do not accept tuition payments at the school, all tuition payments must go through TADS. The student’s family will receive email notification from TADS for your tuition charges. Please login and verify the charges and payment method on your account.

TADS Fees:

$40 returned item fee (this fee is collected and retained by TADS)

$40 late payment fee (this fee is collected and retained by TADS)

You may access your TADS Billing Account: secure.tads.com

Use your email address to log on. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link to reset your password. Jesuit does not have access to your password.

Go to the billing tab for detailed information on your tuition billing account.

TADS Parent Support Hours: Mon-Fri 7-8 Central

TADS Phone: 612.548.3320

TADS Toll Free: 1.800.477.8237

Contact Jessica Billigmeier at Jesuit High School if you have any questions.  jessica.billigmeier@jesuithighschool.org or 916.480.2116.