Stacy Paragary

Image of Stacy on campus in front of garden

Stacy Paragary has worked as a professional restaurateur in Sacramento for the past 25 years.  With partners, Randy Paragary and Kurt Spataro they have opened and operated over 20 restaurants under the name, Paragary Restaurant Group.  Stacy has taken the lead in designing, building and marketing, while partner Kurt leads the food and beverage, and Randy leads development and operations. 

Stacy received her BA in Marketing from the University of Oregon in 1987. When Stacy is not restaurateur-ing she enjoys gardening, decorating and traveling with her family.  Stacy and her husband, Randy are currently designing, developing and building a 105 room boutique hotel in the Midtown Sutter District called, Fort Sutter Hotel, a Tapestry Collection by Hilton.