Remote Learning and Digital Learning Days (DLD)


Clarifying Elements and Sharing Common Practices for DLD’s

Update for 3rd Week of Phase 2 Synchronous Learning

We are in our third week of Phase 2 Synchronous learning. Please continue to be aware that teachers are expected to have at least one Synchronous session per week. Students are expected to attend all scheduled synchronous sessions during their assigned periods. We understand that circumstances may prevent students from being able to attend one or more of their synchronous sessions. It is imperative that students contact their teachers when they are unable to attend.


Attendance & Homework for Digital Learning Days


  • All students are expected to attend all virtual class meetings (Real-Time Engagement.) A student should contact his teacher directly if he is unable to attend or wishes to attend a different meeting session. 
  • Class meeting sessions will be recorded if new material is being introduced.
  • Calling attendance line for absence due to illness, power/internet issues still required to excuse late homework

Homework / Assignments

Homework now assigned for the week

  • Teachers will construc

Semester Grading during DLD

Jesuit Sacramento has received some inquiries regarding final grades after the announcement that some public schools in our area have made the decision to post their second-semester grades as pass/no pass (P/NP). Jesuit has no intention of offering this option to our students as we feel it would be detrimental to their academic profile. Jesuit will continue using our current grading methodology to maintain the integrity of the student’s earned grades for the school year.