Junior Summer Reading
Class of 2025 - Updated May 23, 2023


English 3

Wes Moore - The Other Wes Moore - ISBN 978-0-385-52820-7

This summer all juniors are required to read the non-fiction text The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. Double check the ISBN to ensure that you have purchased the correct paperback version of the text (no eBooks or PDFs allowed). You may opt to buy a used book if the ISBN is correct and the book has not already been annotated (since you will be annotating your text). 

Please be sure to be an active reader and annotate the text as you read The Other Wes Moore. For example, summarize plot development and character descriptions in the margins of each chapter, take note of any quotations that reveal new meanings or character insight, trace themes and recurring ideas, and mark any passages that confuse or interest you.  


Pay attention to the people, settings, and situations that influence the two young men both named Wes Moore as you will be required to make comparisons of both young men in an essay written within the first few days of instruction in the Fall semester.

AP English Language and Composition (AP Lang)

Read Several Short Sentences about Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg ISBN  978-0307279415; The Other Wes Moore - ISBN 9780385528207; and Chapter 1 of the Language of Composition (Second Edition Class Textbook) – ISBN 978-0312676506


Here is the assignment: AP Lang Summer Reading Assignment
Here is a sample writing: AP Lang - Coffee Talk

AP Biology

Please access your online textbook and complete the assignment here.

AP Chemistry

Please download the assignment - AP Chemistry Assignment

AP Environmental Science

Please download the assignment – APES Summer Assignment

AP Physics 1

Please access to Google Classroom page and join using the code 4k7lkxy, or simply click here.  The summer reading assignment and directions are found on the stream page for the class.

AP US History

The American Pageant AP Edition 16th Edition  ISBN  978-1305075917

Please go to Google Classroom and use the join code szjdqzu for information on the summer reading assignment.

Information is listed on the website with dates and how to turn in the assignment.

Students should not wait until the last weeks of summer to complete this. It is designed to be done throughout the summer. We start in right away, there is no time for catch-up if you neglect to do these assignments.

French 3H and 4AP

Please refer to the Google Classroom page for students in the above French classes.  The class code is: fk5uh2e.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Leslie Willson at leslie.willson@jesuithighschoool.org.  The link to the correct book is here: French 3 Years

Spanish 3H

The reading is located here: Fuentes Chac Mool Cuento 

View assignment for Spanish 3H in Google Docs, students must be signed in to view

AP 2D Art & Design

Art 2D website 

Please view the website for assignment and reading details.