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Flex Period Clarification
What to do when Flex is at beginning or end of day

All students that are on campus during their Flex period are required to scan into Flex at the beginning of the period in the Welcome Center or Harris Center. 

Students with a 1st or 5th period Flex period can arrive for class at the conclusion of 1st or 5th period without notifying the Dean’s Office or scanning into Flex. 

Similarly, students with a 4th or 8th period Flex period are allowed to exit campus at the start of 4th or 8th period without notifying the Dean’s Office or scanning into Flex. 


Jacob Lane Entrance Gates and Drop-off/Pick-up Reminder
No student drop-off or pick-up on Jacob Lane

The Jacob Lane entrance gates will remain closed until classes begin at 9:45 am. If parents have a need to access the Main Office before school, please first check in with Lizzy Duran in the Business Office, located to the left of the bell tower; she will get a hold of the Main Office for you. If no one is at the front desk of the Business Office, please ring the bell for assistance. Students may access Main Office and Dean’s Office from inside campus before school following the check-in and screening process which begins at 7:30 a.m.


Bell Schedule, Collaborations, and Calendars
We are currently following Q3 "On-Campus Hybrid" schedules

All calendared school events and activities, along with the daily bell schedule and student Collaboration information and dates, are now available to view online through the school calendar.

Please refer frequently to the online calendar on the Jesuit High School website for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and the daily bell schedule.  

Online calendar:  View Full Calendar