Return to School - Technology


Technology & Distance Learning
Return to School Tech in Classrooms, Livestreams, Google Classroom

With our new school-day model, students who are unable to come to campus must be able to participate in live classroom instruction in a meaningful way. Jesuit Sacramento anticipates that students will need this option with greater frequency. It will serve students that may need to stay home if symptomatic, if they have been exposed, if they test positive for COVID-19, or for any other reason a student should not attend class on campus. 



Digital Citizenship
Online presence requiring a partnership between students, parents, and school

The process of teaching young men about the importance of their online presence requires a strong partnership between students, parents, and Jesuit High School. As a representative of Jesuit High School, all students must be diligent in maintaining a positive online identity. We would like to take a moment to share some resources with you that have been shared with your son to help you in guiding him to maintain a positive online identity.