Return to School


Protection & Precautions
Reminders- Personal Protection and Campus Precautions: Symptom Checks, Face Coverings, Cleaning, Layouts/Flow, etc.

General precautions – Students, faculty, coaches, and staff must adhere to physical distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitization.  All are encouraged to limit mixing households, carpooling, and follow recommended travel limitations to support the school’s virus mitigation efforts. Clubs and teams may have additional guidelines in order to comply with their governing organization’s guidelines.



Student Activities
Return to School for Arts, Student Life/Executive Committee, Ministry, Service & Justice

Whether your son’s learning is occurring on-campus or remotely, Jesuit Sacramento places a strong emphasis on the social and emotional needs of our students and will include modifications to non-academic endeavors that are a core part of Marauder life and critical part of our school’s mission. This includes the visual and performing arts, electives, enrichments, clubs, athletics, and events as well as our religious core of campus ministry, service and justice,  Big Brothers, morning prayer, afternoon examen and schoo