Safe Return Update: Return to the Purple Tier


Sacramento County has been placed in the most restrictive Purple Tier 1 on the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.  Per CDPH and a forthcoming Health Order update, schools that are already open for in-person instruction may remain open in the purple tier, however schools that have not yet reopened may not reopen for in-person instruction until Sacramento County returns to Red Tier 2 and remains there for two weeks. Campuses that are in the midst of a phased reopening are allowed to continue with their opening, but this does not apply to other campuses within that same school system that have not already begun to reopen. These requirements are outlined by CDPH in this FAQ.  

This is just to clarify that Jesuit may remain open in our current hybrid model. This move into the purple tier does impact some athletic programing and liturgical worship since those activities cannot take place indoors. These programs are already making the necessary adjustments and are communicating with the students and staff in these programs.

I hope this current situation will serve to remind us all to stay vigilant in adhering to all mitigation guidelines both on and off-campus. One reminder that we want to emphasize is that we are asking families to communicate directly with Jennifer Riffle, Jesuit’s On-Campus Medical Professional, regarding any possible exposures or if you have questions about your son’s risk status. 

We would also like to remind all families that they must screen on campus on their designated screening day. Using the clinic for screening for students may only happen if a member of the Jesuit staff informs the clinic that an exception may be made for a special circumstance. This is an important part of our agreement with Urgent Care Now.